Unit A Leader

Oxford Brookes University

Together with digital fabrication specialist Emu Masuyama unit A experimented with methodologies driven by ‘Design through Making’ this year. Liminal States across multiple scales were explored within the study area of Old Street in London. We immersed ourselves in experiences of the Everyday and observed relational phenomena that contribute to constant negotiation of desires between the domains of the individual and the public. We focused on liminal conditions at urban, social and body scale.

We engaged in the discourse on ‘digital crafting’ by combining digital fabrication with an experimentally driven, hands-on approach to working with plywood. We studied traditional and current techniques and manufactured 1:1 threshold prototypes at Grymsdyke Farm Workshop. Material form emerged as a result of a critical reviewing process and testing of performances within urban, social and infrastructural contexts. At an architectural scale, public building typologies were investigated and students employed their bespoke design principles to propagate new forms of relationships between public and private, with an attempt to reconcile local and metropolitan domains.

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External collaborators: Trada