Chloé Display Furniture

locations: London, Paris, Milan, Singapore, Nagoya
client: Design consultancy for SH Architects
year: 2005-08

Following Carsten's involvement in the development of the retail strategy and store design for Chloé International during his employment at SH Architects, a collaboration on the design for further retail furniture emerged. We contributed to the design of a substantial range of specialised furniture items that were produced in small production runs for use in stores worldwide. The development process included a close communication with clients, consultants and manufacturers as well as material research, detail design and the supervision of prototyping and quality control. Simple and high-tech materials are juxtaposed to create furniture with new and unconventional qualities, through a cross-disciplinary design approach. The material palette includes thin marble, low-iron glass, gold-plated brass, plywood, corian, leather, fabric and translucent plastic.