Routemarker bench

competition: 2nd prize
location: Lewisham, London
year: 2010

Design for London and LB of Lewisham invited us to participate to this competition that stands in connection ongoing improvements to the public realm in Deptford. For this we proposed a series of new benches along Route No1 in conjunction with a planting strategy that presents new opportunities at both urban and local scales. While orientation, access and connectivity will improve within the wider area, strategically placed public nodes consisting of tree & bench can improve the quality of daily life and become a shared point of reference for the local community. The proposal is more strategy than fixed design solution and the result of a multi-scalar design approach: The bench responds spatially to a set of urban conditions, while it engages through materiality with its users at 1:1 scale. Key issues that emerged during the design process include the integrative multiplicity of users alongside sustainability in material choices (renewable resources) and means of manufacturing.