location: Munich
year: 2020

The Zaunbank installation is a project we have developed specifically for the Munich Architecture Award exhibition (Förderpreis Architektur 2020). Together with artists, photographers and designers, we were invited by Munich's Arts Council (Kulturreferat) to exhibit our work at the municipal galleries.

'Zaunbank' is a two-phased project, that works with a pre-existing spatial condition. The intervention relates to aspects of social interaction within the context of the allotment NO 17 and the exhibition space. The installation refers to concepts of redundancy and relational in-between spaces. 'Zaunbank' utilises simple means in order to deviate from the conventional and offers a new perspective on the existing situation. The project encourages, both practically and conceptually, a process of reflection about transformation and to jointly experiment with opportunities that may emerge as a result of this discourse.